Nevada 25 Sticker_silverv2

CARE Chest’s Silver Anniversary

CARE Chest is celebrating its 25th year in 2015 and we’re asking supporters to spread the love for our silver anniversary in the silver state. Throughout the year, we’ll be distributing our Nevada Blue stickers to CARE Chest supporters.

So here’s the plan…

Put this sticker on your car window or bumper. If your friends, neighbors–or even a stranger-asks, tell them our story: CARE Chest connects 8,500 underserved Northern Nevadans to life-changing medical resources each year. Whether it is medical supplies, prescription assistance, respiratory equipment, wheelchairs or one of our wellness education courses, we tailor our free program to community needs, working toward a happier, healthier Nevada.

How do I get a sticker?

You certainly don’t need to donate to get a sticker. E-mail your information to and we’ll send you one. However, because our program is free to qualified clients, we are asking supporters to join our $25-for-12 Silver Anniversary Circle by committing to a monthly $25 donation for a year. These donations can automatically be charged, or we are happy to process one payment of $300. For supporters looking to make a deeper impact, we also have a $25-for-25 Platinum Partner giving plan, extending the giving to 25 months. Any amount of giving is appreciated and will go diCare Chest 25 Years Logorectly toward critical healthcare solutions for those most in need. All donors will receive a Nevada Blue sticker to join the movement.

As a Northern Nevada non-profit agency, we are proud of our BattleBorn heritage, and proud to serve this region for a quarter-century – that’s more than 120,000 clients. Thank you for supporting our life-changing programs!