Care_Chest_4179_mm_flatWe rely on equipment donations!

CARE Chest runs on the charity of our Northern Nevada neighbors. We rely heavily on donations of equipment and supplies. Each year more than 10,000 clients access CARE Chest’s services, many of whom receive medical equipment supplies stocked in our warehouse. Your donations go directly to help local families with critical healthcare needs.

CARE Chest began as a program to recycle durable medical equipment. To this day, the vast majority of durable medical equipment that we supply has been donated to us. If you have medical equipment that you no longer need, we ask that you help the community by passing it along to someone who will use it. You might just change someone’s life!

Items we need

There are items that CARE Chest can always use, including:  wheelchairs, shower and commode seats, transfer benches and other bathroom safety items; hospital-style beds, scooters, electric wheelchairs and other mobility items; diabetic testing supplies, including test strips and lancets; syringes for diabetic clients who use insulin; Ostomy/colostomy supplies, incontinence supplies (adult diapers and Pull-Ups); Ensure, Glucerna and Carnation Instant breakfast for our Medical Nutrition Program.

Items we don’t take

Sometimes our stock of certain items, like crutches, exceeds the needs of our clients. We cannot accept respiratory equipment or prescription medications of any kind.

If you have a question about CARE Chest donations, please call our program staff at 775-829-2273.