CARE Chest's Annual Executive Kidnap
March 9, 2017



Thank you to all our Kidnap participants and donors! Together, we raised more than $70,000 to provide free medical resources for Nevadans in need!


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Team Arbors
Barbara Heywood
Gina Stutchman

Brewer's Cabinet Team
Mike Connolly
Chris Kahl

Pam Davidson
Grace Butler
Debby Vandenburgh
Gene Furr
Meghan Pescio
Dawn Hamm
Connie Fent
Joy Gardner
Lori Dayer
Emily Maushardt
Mark Garratt
Ken Larovere
Vicki Cox
Julie Ann Evans

NV Energy
Katie Nannini
John Owens

Rotary Club of Reno Midtown Team
Pedro Esparza
Erik Fong
Marlowe Kulley
Reid Riker

Sheriff's Office Team
Russ Pederson
Tom Green