CARE Chest Medical Resource Programs

Care_Chest_4239_mm_flatMedical Equipment and Supplies

Durable medical equipment is loaned for as long as it is needed, and one-time use supplies can be re-ordered monthly. For special circumstances, clients who do not fall into CARE Chest income guidelines borrow equipment for temporary use. Medical equipment and supplies available include (but are not limited to) safety and mobility items such as wheelchairs, walkers, and transfer benches, nebulizers, incontinency products, wound care, lice treatment, and ostomy supplies.

Prescription Assistance

In partnership with regional pharmacies, CARE Chest clients who are income qualified can receive up to $100 annually as a supplement for the cost of prescriptions or co-pays. Assistance is applied at the point of purchase.

Diabetic Supplies

Syringes and testing supplies, including blood-glucose monitors, test strips and lancets, are distributed as needed on a monthly basis for prescribed patients. Prescription assistance up to $100 annually is also available for diabetes medications.

Medical Nutrition

CARE Chest offers liquid medical nutrition, known medically as “enteral” products, for income-qualified clients who can provide a doctor’s prescription. Popular brands include Ensure, Glucerna (for diabetics) and Carnation Instant Breakfast.

Independent Living and CARE Loan

CARE Chest connects clients with resources like home and vehicle modifications and assistive technology. CARE Chest also administers a low-interest loan program to fund similar projects. For more information on the Independent Living Program contact Bob Donnelly at For more information on the CARE Loan Program, please contact Eunice Hylin at

Wellness Education

CARE Chest offers periodic classes covering a variety of topics from managing chronic disease, to diet and fitness. Classes are taught by local medical professionals. Click here for more information about current class offerings or contact Wellness Coordinator, Desiree Erchul, for more information at

With exceptions for special circumstances, CARE Chest programs are available based on federal poverty guidelines. Please call to determine whether you qualify.