For a quarter century CARE Chest has been a critical health resource for thousands of Northern Nevadans. Our free programs are designed to fill insurance gaps for underserved populations. We provide

  •        –     Medical Equipment and Supplies
  •        –     Prescription Assistance
  •        –     Diabetic Supplies
  •        –     Medical Nutrition
  •        –     Independent Living
  •        –     Wellness Education


In 2016 CARE Chest helped more people than ever before! We provided 11,534 services to Nevadans last year. That included:

     – 8,694 pieces of medical equipment
     – 2,460 prescriptions
     – more than 4,800 diabetic supplies
     – and Wellness Education for over 200 people


Each year, CARE Chest helps thousands of clients with critical health resources, free of cost. We are able to do this because our community’s generosity and willingness to

  •       –  Donate equipment
  •       –  Volunteer
  •       –  Contribute financially


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    Wellness Education Workshops

    Upcoming Workshops:

    Wellness Circle – Respiratory Health
    Wednesday, May 3, 2017
    1:00 – 2:30 p.m.
    Led by: Renown
    A Respiratory Therapist will present and answer questions about lung helath and chronic lungdisease like COPD.

    Chair Yoga
    Wednesday, May 24, 2017
    1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
    Gentle movements that build strength and flexibility from the comfort of a chair.
    Led by: The Yoga Center


Big Gifts in Small Packages

The transfer bench you see above will change somebody's life in a huge way. Where once an elderly or disabled person would not be able to bathe themselves, with this item an individual can get in and out of a shower safely. For many of our clients, this is the difference between remaining in their homes under the care of a loved one, and moving to an institutional setting.

Community Supported Smiles

When Olivia's family looked long and hard to find the nebulizer she needs for her breathing treatments, CARE Chest was the only place they could obtain one. Like all of our medical equipment, we provided Olivia with this nebulizer free of cost, thanks to the support of our community.

Helping Multiple Generations

This wonderful picture of Anya was taken in March this year, when CARE Chest provided her with a new walker. Anya was four years old when she first came to CARE Chest in 2013. She was born missing one-third of her brain, and came to us experiencing difficulty leaning to walk. We have helped her with a wheelchair, and when her grandmother needed a walker, CARE Chest was there to ensure that her family had access to the medical equipment they need.